A look back at the Original Pax Vaporizer

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I got my hands on a Pax Vaporizer, a brand new high end portable Vaporizer and I am in love. This is hands down the new best portable vaporizer out there folks.

I actually heard about the Pax before it I got my hands on one. A few other publications have picked up on it because this unit is just awesome. I switched to Pax for all my portable needs instantly after trying this bad boy out.

Pax is made by Ploom, a company based out of San Francisco. They are a company that is new to the vaporizer world but they are certainly hitting the ground running with the Pax.


Why is Pax Vaporizer Amazing?

Pax is a brand new, high end portable vaporizer. There are multiple reasons that this unit is unique and sand above the rest so lets go over a few of the reasons starting with the most obvious: its size.

• At 4.1″ x 1.4″ it is by far the most portable high end unit on the market. You can put this in your pocket and literally forget its there. This is a BIG deal because all the other competition is significantly larger in size. The Wispr, the Arizer solo, even the DaVinci, all bulkier, some significantly so.

• Lithium ion rechargeable battery with intelligent mode. This thing is genius when it comes to the battery. You charge it via the included charge station but the big feature here is the unit KNOWS when you are and aren’t using it. If you put the Pax down it will go into low power mode until you pick it back up. You can check the battery status at any time by lightly shaking the unit and checking the color output. Unit charges to 100% in less than one hour. Once charged, it can be used continuously for 2 hours straight. For me it lasted 3 days of normal use before I had to charge it.

• The Pax Vaporizer design is freakin perfect. Two removable parts total. 30 second warm uptime (ya, 30 seconds). Black, blue, purple color choices. SUPER easy to use, awesome picture bookstyle instruction manual that a 3 year old could understand. Made out of anodized aluminum with a medical grade stainless steel vapor path. Three adjustable temperature settings.
The quality of this unit over all is just fantastic. I would not be surprised if this unit does very well commercially.

The price point is on par with other high end portable vaporizers at around $250. This may seem like a lot but when you consider the quality and size, the price point is fair and similar to other devices that aren’t as good.

In terms of the vapor quality, I was very surprised at what a punch this small guy packs. The “oven door” as its called, where you put your herb, is crazy convenient and easy to load. The vapor is strong , very impressive. I found that I only needed three medium sized inhales to get the desired effect.

So to summarize, you should try the Pax Vaporizer. It’s amazing. Short of the Volcano, I’ve never been as excited about a vaporizer before.

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Pax 3 Set To Become The Top Vape Pen

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Pax Labs, the creators of arguably the best vaporizers in recent years, have announced their latest flagship vaporizer, the Pax 3 vaporizer. Following in the footsteps of its wildly successful predecessors Pax and Pax 2, the Pax 3 vape pen is set to be best portable unit yet, thanks to its exceptional features. Here is a preview of what to expect from Pax 3:

Design and Build

Like Pax 2 vaporizer, Pax 3 combines medical grade components in its beautiful design and construction. Its ingenious design allows for easy access to its impressive features. Pax forgoes the plastic vapor pathway, complementing the new vape with a metallic material. The device will feature different color variations including Silver, Black, Gold and Limited Edition Rose Gold.

Dual Use Vaporizer

While previous Pax vaporizers only worked with dry herb, Pax 3 acts as both a dry herb and concentrate/wax vaporizer, being referred to as a Dual Use vaporizer. Pax 3 features groundbreaking improvements in comparison to its predecessor. Unlike the Pax 2, this device is bundled with a special oven insert along with unique and adjustable Concentrate heat settings that enable it seamlessly switch from being a herb vaporizer into a reliable concentrate vaporizer. This feature upgrade will sure be a favorite among many.

Two Oven Modes

The Pax boasts 2 innovative Dry Herb oven modes, with one being for “Full Oven” and the other “Half Oven”. A common issue among vaporizers is the fact that after two or more sessions, the material no longer tastes as good. It’s even worse when you’re trying not to get totally baked from a little hit while on full oven. These two modes take care of this problem, with Half Oven in particular, allowing you to use much less weed. This feature alone makes Pax Lab’s newest addition, stand out from all other portable vaporizers.

Faster heat up time

The power of Pax 3’s heating oven has been enhanced to offer a 15second heat up time, an improvement from Pax 2’s 30 seconds heating time.

Smart Technology

Pax has also equipped the vaporizer with an intuitive lip sensing technology; a smart technology that detects when your vaporizer is not in use, and subsequently stops the vaporization process. Additionally, Pax 3 is also able to resume its vaporization almost instantly, thanks to its motion sensor technology and the 15 second heat up time. This means that you won’t have to lose any flavor after cool down.

Other impressive features

Another great feature of the Pax 3 vaporizer is its internal accelerator, which reduces the device’s energy and herb consumption. Also included is Blue Tooth compatibility, which introduces you to dozens of new vapor customization options.

Pax 3 is also accompanied by a new free Pax Vapor app downloadable to your Android or iPhone smartphone, which allows you to adjust settings such as vapor production, temperature and LED brightness, according to your preference, and at your own convenience.

Release date and price

The release date for the Pax 3 vaporizer is expected to be late October to mid November. Its price will reportedly range between $270 and $280, which is reasonable considering its backed by a 10 year warranty.


the herbalizer vaporizer review

The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review – Premium Vaping Perfection

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If you have been interested in reading an in-depth, high quality herbalizer vaporizer review then today you are in the right place, as we have broken down this high quality, premium desktop vaporizer for our readers, and we’re really going to dive deep and get into it’s entire list of features, and the pros and cons of each.

Main Benefits Of The Herbalizer Vaporizer

  1. Ability to use the balloon bags or the whip style attachment as the vapor delivery method.
  2. Super fast heat up times using the high quality, medical grade, halogen lamp which provides instant herbal vaporization at the press of a button.
  3. Sleek, slim design which easily blends in with your other household devices, making for an extremely ergonomic and practical feel.

Balloon Or Whip Style Attachments

The best thing about the herbalizer when compared to other high quality desktop units on the market, is that you have the ability to use the balloon bag or whip style attachments for your vapor delivery source.

The main advantage of the balloon bag is when you are in a setting with multiple people, and need to have a giant item filled with vapor that one person can inhale, then still retain some left with the valve system in place, until it’s successfully passed to the next guest in the room, who will then inhale again from the large vapor bag.

The whip style attachment is mainly good for one or two people, and after you purchase your very own unit, you will quickly see why this is our opinion. If you have any questions about the whip style or balloon bag attachments, simply watch this video, where the guy clearly outlines exactly how to go about using this device at maximum performance.

The Herbalizer’s Amazing Heat Source

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Herbalizer is what it uses as it’s heat source – a medical grade, high quality halogen lamp.  No other vaporizer on the entire marketplace has ever used a halogen heat lamp as a heating source, but these guys did, and it works extremely well.  This halogen heat lamp heats up to vaporization temperatures almost instantly, providing you and your friends with clean, crisp, delicious hits of tasty vapor time and time again.  The herbalizer not only has a super fast heat up time, but it’s performance is so reliable, and it can easily achieve these results over and over again.

Final Thoughts About The Herbalizer

Since this is easily the best performing, highest priced herbal vaporization device ever created, we highly recommend that you start saving your pennies up to buy one as soon as possible.  You can thank us later!  It’s much better to save your money and spend it on a device that truly offers an amazing performance, rather than buy something that really doesn’t perform all that well, but didn’t cost as much.  You get what you pay for, and when it comes to the vaporizer industry, that could not be more true.  So trust our judgement, and go and pick yourselves up and Herbalizer Vaporizer – You Won’t Regret It!!!

The Top Vaporizer Brands On The Market – An In-Depth Review

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If you have been considering purchasing a weed vaporizer to smoke your marijuana in a much healthier fashion, then today you are in luck, because our team has reviewed the top vaporizer brands on the market, and we’re going to review them here for you to look at and dissect, so that you will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions when it finally comes time for you to buy your very own vaporizer.  If you have considered purchasing your very own marijuana vape pen in the past, but have often hesitated due to expensive prices or lack of product reviews, then rest assured knowing that we will do whatever it takes to provide you with the most accurate information that will put you on top of the consumer marketplace, and will allow you to make much more informed choices in your day to day vaping experiences.

Which Vape Pen Should You Choose?

If you have been wondering which vape pen you should choose to meet your specific needs, then the best thing to do is to ask other marijuana users who have recently tested out these products, and put them to use for their own day to day experiences. Using a vape pen for smoking marijuana is one of the smartest choices that you can possible make, and one that you should take the time to understand if you’re going to be successful with your vape pen purchase. We have been using these products for several years now, and it’s our great pleasure to introduce the best functioning vapes for you to review, so that you and your friends will spend your money wisely, and end up with the smartest choice for your specific situation. If you have been searching online for the best weed vape reviews, then you should definitely listen up, as we’re going to be reviewing them for you to understand shortly.

Top Vape Pen Reviews

If you want to top vape pen reviews, then you should get in touch with us immediately so that we can provide you with the most accurate results for your query. I have seen several different people test out these vape and use them regularly, so it’s critical that you watch a lot of YouTube videos so that you develop a comprehensive understanding of the entire practice of using vaporizers, and the best way to put them in action when you are testing them out for your own personal use. The very best way to get a good understanding about which vape pens are the best, is to simply test them out for yourself so that you can see first hand which products you like, and which ones you will be more likely to purchase in upcoming trade shows and other events.

Vape Pens – Where To Purchase Online At Low Prices

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If you have been searching for the very best place on the internet to purchase vape pens then you have come to the right place, because we here at the All Use Is Medicinal team have come up with a comprehensive list that overview some of our favorite dry herb pens, wax pens, and other weed pens.  This list includes such heavy hitting vape technology as the cloud pen, kandy pens black edition, atmos orbit, atmos jump, and a few others.  Some of these vaporizer pens are of the cheap variety, but we feel that they all work according to their original use, so you should really take the time to consider exactly what we’re saying here.

Cloud Pen – Decent Portable Wax Pen

When you talk about wax pens, the cloud pen is on the very top of the list because it uses a titanium heating coil, and it is manufactured with extremely high quality materials that makes it one of the longest lasting, most well-built vapor pens in the entire marketplace.  If you get the chance to take advantage of using one of these devices, I highly recommend it, as you will not be disappointed.  We have been talking with other professional vape pen users from around the Cannabis industry, and our conclusion is that this pen is definitely one of the best rated, top shelf pieces of vaping equipment on the market.  If you like vaping wax on a consistent basis, and need an excellent vape pen that can do the trick, then the Cloud Pen is the right fit for you.

Atmos Orbit – Decent Dry Herb Pen

Now the Atmos Orbit is a great “portable vaporizer / vape pen” that uses a ceramic heating chamber to quickly and efficiently vaporize dried herbal blends.  One thing to keep in mind when using this device is that you want to make sure that you are turning off the battery and locking it out after each use.  We have had several customers that have begun using these devices only to end up with a battery that dies out too fast during use.  If you lock out the battery after each use, then it won’t die out as quickly.  The Orbit is made by Atmos, who is one of the top vaporizer manufacturer’s in the entire marketplace, and they will be releasing some new technology this year as well, so stay tuned and keep your ears tuned into the industry to see what new types of vaporizer technology is being developed.

Atmos Jump – Small Yet Affordable Vaporizer?

And finally the very last vape pen that we are reviewing here for your uninterrupted pleasure is the Atmos Jump.  This is a small yet affordable vaporizer that uses a stainless steel heating chamber to quickly yet efficiently vaporize your favorite dried herbal blends.  One complaint about the Jump is that sometimes it can get too hot and combust your herb, causing a great deal of smoke, however we still feel that this is a decent vaporizer that is great for beginners to vaping that want to get acquainted with the industry and test out their first unit.  We have tested out a lot of the other $50 vaporizer pens on the market, and the Jump is definitely the best out of all of them.  So the conclusion is that if you’re only willing to spend $50 on a vape pen, then the Atmos Jump is definitely the one that you want to buy.  Check out our other articles to find out more information about vape pens, weed, and other similar content.

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Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

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Oregon has made headlines around the world this week by being the next state to legalize recreational marijuana use. The state brought in more revenue in recreational marijuana sales than Washington and Colorado combined in it’s first week, topping out at around $11 million. This is something that should be recognized around the country as a very significant event that will impact history for a long time. This is changing the course of the future as we speak, so we should pay close attention to this situation as it unfolds, that way we will be better prepared for the changes that are sure to come as things continue to evolve. I think there are many people around the United States at this point in time who are ready for marijuana legalization on a Federal level, it’s just that there are enough prohibitionists in the ranks of political office, that it is still making it quite difficult to make a mass, sweeping change.

People are taking notice, and the experiments in Colorado and Washington have proved that this can be an extremely positive economic move for a state to generate revenue that it can then use to reinvest into it’s infrastructure and ultimately become a more popular location. This is a great option in today’s economy, as public officials are constantly trying to boost revenues and get those dollars rolling in. What better way to tackle this problem than to simply legalize marijuana, tax it and regulate it just like alcohol. The people who use cannabis are going to use it anyway, so why not regulate it and make money off of it instead of locking people up and ruining lives. It really is a no brainer at this point in time, and anyone who says otherwise is just trying to avoid the inevitable and should wake up and smell the herbal essences. Marijuana isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well embrace it and use it to your own advantage.

Fortunately, many people are starting to accept marijuana in ways that they haven’t expressed previously, so it will be extremely interesting to see how these scenarios play out in the public realm. As more states legalize cannabis, and more business owners grow and expand their empires, more investors will jump in and there will be a lot of money at play. This is when a great change will occur, and more people will begin regulating the industry and that’s when manufacturing and product quality will shoot through the roof, and this industry will see a boom like never before. As more people accept marijuana as a social act, it will become decriminalized throughout the entire country, and law makers will remove all penalties for possession of the drug. This substance clearly has medical value, so it will also need to be rescheduled, or as some suggest, descheduled, as in not listed as a scheduled drug at all. I think that is a smart way to go, but it will most likely take a lot of time and dedication to make those changes stick in a political environment where people are stubborn and stuck to their ancient beliefs and learned ways of thinking and behaving.

How To Find The Best Vaporizer Store Online

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If you have been searching for the best place on the internet to purchase marijuana accessories then you definitely need to read this article because we are going to be laying down a step by step system that will immediately give you the ability to analyze products and services from around the industry to quickly determine which ones are worth buying for your own personal use. One online head shop that I definitely recommend checking out is Vaporizer Vendor. Their dry herb vaporizer pen product selection is extremely impressive, and far exceeds our expectations. A lot of other vape stores on the internet have a great portable vaporizer selection, but none can match the herbal vapor pen variety of products that their team is currently featuring. It’s probably best to digest this information slowly, that way you can find out what interests you, take that information and come to your own conclusions. It’s always best to remain an individual thinker, that way you are always relying on your own understanding about the way things work rather than someone elses. So check out these portable vaporizers such as the Haze Vaporizer all new 2.5 version. This vape is capable of vaporizing herbs along with waxes and oils all in separate chambers. The new 2.5 version of the vaporizer has an extra heat setting on the dry herb vaping chamber, so vape enthusiasts will want to check this one out immediately.

Another brand new vaporizer that this store is featuring is the vapium summit, using an oven style heating chamber which is extremely similar to the Pax. The Summit retails for around $150 which is an extremely low price when compared to devices with similar functions from around the industry. Not only is this amazing portable unit affordable, but it also works like a dream. The vapor quality on this device is nothing short of amazing, and it really is just as good as the Pax, even the new version 2 Pax. The Summit also has 8 different heat settings built into the device, allowing you to completely take advantage of your own vaping experience and maximize it to the most efficient method possible. You will also be blown away by this devices appearance, as it looks very rugged and high quality. The medical grade materials that were used to construct this beast of a handheld vaporizer are nothing short of quality, and you should definitely test it out for yourself to experience these amazing benefits for yourself. This product is one of the top marijuana vaporizers in the industry at the current time, and has received high ratings and reviews from people from around the marijuana smoking community. Vapium has enforced a strict MAP policy on their authorized resellers, so if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of their products then you should definitely check them out today to see if you can land a spot on their team. It’s extremely easy to become an authorized retailer, but you have to obey their price points because they don’t want their brand tarnished through price gouging by various merchants.

If you are searching for a great vaporizer pen to use with marijuana, then you should definitely check out the Vaporite Cosmic, as this is one of the new blue tooth compatible, smart phone capable units that has just broken into the marketplace, creating some buzz. There is a lot to learn from using these vaporizer pens, so you should pick one up today so you can start advancing your education to learn more about these amazing products. We are a growing community of like minded thinkers, and we should continue to explore these alternative ideas so that we can advance our level of intellectual maturity and create a society that is not bound by these immature, childish notions. As we continue to progress into the future, we should take a step back every now and again to remember where we came from, and how quickly things can change. You will certainly get used to the many friendly people that you are going to end up meeting from around this industry, and there will certainly be a chance for your company to shine amongst the others. So, in essence – keep your head held high and continue expanding your own personal knowledge base about this complicated topic. Keep on seeking out new avenues of thinking, logic, and understanding – that way we can all continue to grow as a collective community, and eventually the rest of the world will catch on and do the same.

The Medical Marijuana Paradox

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There is a great paradox that exists in the medical marijuana space, and we are going to go over it in great detail so that we can make these ideas simple to understand for even brand new people to this complicated industry. Medical marijuana has some amazing health benefits that can and should be taken advantage of by people who are in need of some relief, and we need to get in touch with this factor within the next couple of months in order to successfully land ourselves in a powerful place within the medical community. This is something that we need to consider in the short term, as it could negatively effect our society in the long run if we don’t show some immediate attention in this area. This is a complex situation, and a resolution will not be achieved easily, so we must continue the good fight no matter what. It takes a special type of person to sit down and discuss these sensitive topics without forming mental biases that will sway your personal opinions about a subject, so it’s important to stay focused and keep your nose to the grindstone. We are now entering a new era in this society where smoking marijuana is more widely accepted by the general population, so we should make some serious progress in this field within the next ten years or so.

Some of the more recent discussions around medical marijuana have gone over the different medical applications that it is suitable for, such as chronic pain and arthritis, and there are many more that haven’t yet been listed as well so please keep that in mind. Scientists and researchers have chosen to systematically engage these modern day consumers, and it will be extremely interesting to see how people perceive these new techniques in the coming future. We are now in a new age within this country where people aren’t as aware of the healing powers that these 100% natural herbs can provide, so we must continue to spread this positive information on an ongoing basis so that everyone is able to get an accurate idea about the many added benefits that this powerful herbal remedy can provide. I am a long time marijuana user, and I can say with absolute certainty that it has helped me with my muscle pain, along with relieving some of the more advanced nerve pain that normally comes along with it. It’s a very complicated situation, so we must try to figure out a different method of approaching this topic so that we can phrase it in a way that makes sense for everyone involved. We are coming to a new political solution for marijuana, and it will cost thousands of tax dollars but ultimately it will stimulate advanced new sectors of economic growth. If the political leaders in this country are really interested in generating new jobs for the working class, this industry is ripe for the taking. We really need to buckle down here and get more involved with the community at large, so things might start to take a different turn in the future. Once we have fully developed these concepts and put them into stable plans of action, we will finally be able to mature up and come to our senses about this controversial topic and put our best ideas forward.